The Green Tour

the rules 2024



In 2024, participants in the Green Tour stage race will compete in a series of triathlon events in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region from  26 to 30 June as follows:

➢ a series of stages, i.e. an XXS distance triathlon in 2 legs in Vichy on 26 June + an XXS distance triathlon in a type A team relay in Roanne on 27 June + an XS aquathlon in Roanne on 28 June + an S distance triathlon in Roanne on 30 June - Rest on 29 June.


The GREEN TOUR is subject to specific organisation and race rules, detailed below, in addition to those set out in the French Triathlon Federation's Sporting Regulations. By registering for the Green Tour, triathletes undertake to abide by these rules, failing which they may be subject to sporting sanctions, fines or even exclusion. Apart from the specific organisational and race rules set out below, the Sports Regulations of the French Triathlon Federation apply. Athletes may only participate in teams. Individuals will be grouped together as a team by the organisers.


➢ 2-1: Participants must comply with the specifications of the Fédération Française de Triathlon medical regulations of which they have been informed.

➢ 2-2: The organisers reserve the right to refuse the participation of a triathlete.

➢ 2-3: entries: the Green Tour organisers are limiting entries to 6 teams of 8 triathletes, each made up of 2 female and 3 male elite (D1) triathletes and 1 female and 2 male amateur triathletes (minimum D3 level). These 6 teams will be named after a precious stone (Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Amethyst, Emerald, Diamond) and a tri-function will be provided for the triathletes in these teams. A team partner may be associated with the team name. This tri-function must be worn during the 2024 Green Tour events, except when the triathlete is wearing a leader suit.

➢ 2-4: The 30 elite triathletes will be invited. The organisers will take care of registration, accommodation and meals from 12 noon on Wednesday 26 June to the end of the day on Sunday 30 June, as well as travel arrangements from Lyon train station or airport.

As with the invited elite teams, the 18 amateurs selected to take part will be provided with lunch in the partners' village, access to treatment by the Green Tour physiotherapists and full-board accommodation from 12 noon on 26 June to 5pm on 30 June. They will be required to pay the sum of 360 euros when they register online via the link provided by the organisers, by 31 March 2024 at the latest. These amateurs will not have to pay any of their own expenses.


➢ 3-1: Only team captains attend daily briefings. Each team must therefore appoint a captain.

➢ 3-2: A general departure briefing, which all triathletes must attend, will take place on Wednesday 26 June at 11am in Vichy in the Green Tour village. Athletes must present their current licence. Various questions may be raised. The briefing will be given in French and English.

➢ 3-3: At the general start briefing, the race equipment (tattoo number, swimming cap, electronic timing chip, frame plate, tamper-proof bracelet and the team's tri-function and podium T-shirt, etc.) will be distributed. Each athlete will be responsible for them throughout the Green Tour 2024.

➢ 3-4: Each day, a technical briefing will be scheduled. For each stage, theoretical support (site map and specific points, recommendations specific to the race) and an oral presentation will be given by the race director and the main referee for the stage. The presence of the captain or individual athlete is imperative. Everyone must sign the attendance sheet at the start of the meeting. The times of the daily briefings will be communicated from one day to the next.


➢ 4-1: Triathletes are required to take part in the ceremonies defined below:

Presentation of the teams to the media and partners on Wednesday 26 June at 12.30pm in Vichy.
Final prize-giving ceremony on Sunday 30 June at 5pm.
NB: Athletes must be present 15 minutes before the start of the ceremonies.

The 48 triathletes must share Green Tour posts on their social networks.
➢ 4-2: Presentation of jerseys at the official podium: athletes must remain at the disposal of the protocol officer after the finish of each stage and present themselves at the official podium when called by the official announcer.

➢ 4-3: media relations: athletes must remain in the V.I.P. village at the disposal of journalists after the finish of each stage for the daily press conference to be held there.

Failure to comply with the instructions in the Protocol article will result in a fine of 200 euros per athlete. These penalties must be paid within two weeks of the end of the event concerned.

➢ 4-4: elite classification: team and individual bonuses :

Individual bonuses (stage or general classification) will be awarded to triathletes provided they have completed the first 2 stages of the Green Tour 2024, unless they have stopped due to injury or illness, as evidenced by a medical certificate. In the latter case, they will be able to keep the stage bonuses they have already earned.
A super bonus will be awarded individually to the best men and women who complete all 4 stages.
Team bonuses will only be paid out if the team is classified on each of the 4 stages, i.e. a minimum of 2 men and 1 woman from the team having completed all 4 stages, as the team time is calculated each day on the basis of the best women's time and the 2 best men's times of the stage.
All the winnings and bonuses per team at the end of the 4 stages are divided between the elite triathletes present on 30 June on the last stage.
During the 4th leg, the team ranking will be calculated by adding up the points earned in either the S D3 duathlon or the S triathlon. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st and 1st in the Duathlon or Triathlon score 300 points, 2nd score 200 points, 3rd score 100 points, 4th 50 points, 5th 40 points, 6th 30 points, 7th 20 points and 8th 10 points. The winning team will be the one with the most points, calculated by adding the points of the 2 men and the woman with the highest points in the S D3 duathlon or triathlon S.

The winnings and bonuses will be paid following validation by the race jury of the results of the anti-doping tests, and at the latest by the deadline stipulated in the team entry contract, i.e. 30 November 2024. This deadline is used to check that all the sums owed by the teams (hotel extras, accommodation costs, etc.) have been paid and to collect the subsidies from the event's local authority partners.
➢ 4-5: stage classification: on each stage, the stage winner receives the "stage town" jersey, which is worn at the prize-giving ceremony.

➢ 4-6: general individual classification :

4-6-1 At the end of each stage, a classification by addition of times will be drawn up for the award of jerseys:

the 1st overall will receive the MGEN green jersey
the best male and female swimmers overall receive the night blue ECOUTER VOIR jersey.
4-6-2 At the end of each stage, a ranking by addition of points will be established for the award of the men's and women's fighting spirit jerseys:

the 1st man and woman in the overall points classification will receive the orange PRAXY DEVELOPPEMENT jersey.
Points are awarded as explained in paragraph 4.7, as are time bonuses overall.

All jerseys are worn by the athletes concerned at the prize-giving ceremony.

The jerseys, with the exception of the "stage town" jersey, have a matching tri-suit which will be worn on the following stage by the jersey holder.

➢ 4-7: combativity classification

On stage 1, a combativity arch will be positioned.

As they pass under the arch on each lap, the first 5 men and the first 5 women will score points as follows:

1st men and 1st women: 5 points

2nd men and women: 4 points

3rd men and women: 3 points

4th M and W: 2 points

5e M and W: 1 point


The triathletes with the most points at the end of the day's stage are awarded a time bonus as follows:

1st and 1st: 3 seconds

2nd M and W: 2 seconds

3rd M and W: 1 second

The male and female triathletes with the most points at the end of the stage will wear the fighting spirit jersey and will be awarded the €100 bonus that goes with it.

➢ 4-8: team classifications :

The team time is obtained by adding the times of the 2 best male triathletes and the best female triathlete in the team each day and then adding the team time of the previous day. The overall team ranking is determined by adding the team's time on each stage. If an athlete does not finish a stage, he or she can no longer take part in the team or individual general classification.
➢ 4-9 : individual rankings : The final individual rankings are the rankings obtained by each athlete at the end of all the stages of the GREEN TOUR circuit.

➢ 4-10: Wearing of jerseys: If a triathlete is the holder of several jerseys, he or she will start the next stage with the one best placed in this hierarchy: 1 = green leader jersey 2 = best swimmer jersey 3 = orange Combativity jersey. The jersey or jerseys not worn will be worn by those following in the rankings. Once a triathlete is in possession of a leader's jersey, he or she must comply with the following rules or face a fine of 500 euros:

wear the leader's jersey at the jersey ceremony
wear the tri-function suit matching the jersey during the next stage
not to obscure the advertising (names and logos) corresponding to the partner of the award jersey in question.

The total prize money is €17,400.

The organiser reserves the right to award fewer ranking triathletes if the level of the 6 invited teams is not international.

The individual prizes are reserved exclusively for triathletes who complete one stage after another. An amateur triathlete in the wave preceding the elite wave who qualifies to take part in the elite wave may claim the bonuses.

➢ 5-1: Prizes for stage 1 (XXS double triathlon on 26 June)

1st man and 1st woman in the leg = €500 each
2nd man and 2nd woman in the leg = €200 each
3rd man and 3rd woman in the leg = €150 each
4th man on stage = €100 each
1st team in the 1st stage by adding together the 2 best times for men and the best time for women = €500

➢ 5-2: Prizes for stage 2 (mixed relay triathlon on 27 June)

1st team = €2,000
2nd team = €750
3rd team = €500

➢5-3: Prizes for stage 3 (XS aquathlon on 28 June)
1st man and 1st woman of the stage = €200 each
2nd man and 2nd woman in the leg = €150 each
3rd man and 3rd woman in the leg = €100 each
4th man in the stage = €50  

➢5-4: Prizes for stage 4 (S triathlon on 30 June)
1st man and 1st woman in the stage = €300 each
2nd man and 2nd woman of the stage = €200 each
3rd man and 3rd woman in the stage = €150 each
4th man in the stage = €100  

➢5-4: overall prize money at the end of the 4 stages

1st elite team: €1,500
2nd elite team: €1,000
3rd elite team:    €500
➢ 5-5: Prize money for the overall classification at the end of the 4 stages:

1st man and 1st woman: €1,300 each
2nd man and 2nd woman: €700 each
3rd man and 2nd woman: €200 each
4th man: €100  

➢ 5-6: classification of the best male and female swimmers:

From day one to day three: €100 each per day the jersey is worn
Best male and female swimmer, after 4 legs: €100 each
➢ 5-7: Green leader jersey classification for men and women:

From day one to day three: €100 each
Day four: overall bonus after 4 days


[6-1: Signatures:  Before each stage start, the team must present itself at the podium at the official announcer's call at the time indicated below for presentation to the public and signature by each team member of the stage race sheet:

26 June at 6pm - Quai d'Allier, Vichy (03)
27 June at 7pm - esplanade des Bords de Loire, Roanne (42)
28 June at 11.30am - esplanade des Bords de Loire, Roanne (42)
30 June at 8.30am - esplanade des Bords de Loire, Roanne (42)
➢ 6-2: Equipment is deposited in the transition area by the athlete after it has been checked (tamper-proof wristband). Bikes must comply with the Sports Regulations of the French Triathlon Federation.

➢ 6-3: Equipment deposited in the transition area is only the responsibility of the organiser during the opening hours of this area. The times will be communicated to the captains at the briefings.

➢ 6-4 : Before the start of each stage, triathletes must comply with the equipment drop-off and warm-up times. After the warm-up, they must report to the official starter in the area provided 10 minutes before the start.

[6-5: Neoprene wetsuits must be worn when the water temperature is below 16°C, are authorised between 16°C and 24.5°C, and are forbidden above 24.5°C.


[The General Regulations of the French Triathlon Federation apply in their entirety to the Green Tour.

➢ 7-1: 1st leg: XXS distance triathlon in Vichy on 26 June

19:30 to 20:00: 1st GREEN TOUR 2024 leg (1st round) in XXS triathlon (280m swim + 7.6km bike + 1.9km run - on a course entirely closed to traffic - reserved for teams taking part in the Green Tour) - Drafting authorised by bike.

8.15pm to 8.30pm: 1st GREEN TOUR stage (2nd round) in the XXS triathlon (140m swim + 3.8km bike + 950m run - on a course closed to all traffic - reserved for teams taking part in the Green Tour and the best men and women qualified at the end of the XXS open at 6.30pm.

➢ 7-2: 2nd leg: XXS distance mixed relay triathlon in Roanne on 27 June

20:00 to 21:00: 2nd GREEN TOUR 2024 mixed relay XXS triathlon leg (210m swim + 5.6km (2 loops) bike + 1.4km run (2 loops) - on a course entirely closed to traffic - reserved for teams taking part in the Green Tour (5 men + 3 women).

Cycling course closed to traffic - drafting allowed. Start 1st wave (1 elite woman and 1 amateur woman from the team); 2nd wave (1 elite man and 1 amateur man from the team); 3rd wave (1 elite man and 1 amateur man from the team); 4th wave (1 elite woman from the team); 5th wave (1 elite man from the team)  The start order must be communicated to race management by 9.30pm the previous day at the latest.

➢ 7-3: 3rd leg: Roanne XS aquathlon on 28 June

12.30 p.m. to 1.15 p.m.: 3rd GREEN TOUR 2024 aquathlon XS leg (750 m swim + 3.5 km run (5 loops) - reserved for teams taking part in the Green Tour and aquathletes registered on this day (start 5 minutes later).

➢ 7-4: 4th leg: Roanne distance triathlon S on 30 June or duathlon S for triathletes entered in the D3 south-east duathlon 1/2 final

9.00am to 11.30am: 1/2 final of the D3 South East Grand Prix duathlon FFTRI - triathletes taking part in the Green Tour and the 1/2 final of the D3 South East will complete a duathlon S, i.e. 5km run + 20km bike + 2,(km run; they will be able to enter their team's rankings on the basis of the points acquired on the event, depending on their place in the duathlon in relation to the other triathletes taking part in the Green Tour and the 1/2 final of the South East duathlon, as explained above...

11.30 a.m. to 1.45 p.m.: 4th GREEN TOUR 2024 stage in Triathlon S (750m swim + 20km bike + 5km run (5 loops of 1.250km) - on open course closed to traffic - drafting allowed - triathletes entered in the Green Tour will start in wave 1 and triathletes entered for the stage only will start at 12.15 p.m.


➢ 8-1 : neutral assistance : It is forbidden to change bikes during a stage unless there is a mechanical incident rendering the bike unusable. In the event that the bike is unusable, anyone may provide a bike if the Green Tour's mobile assistance cannot solve the mechanical problem. But in all cases, the damaged bike must be left in the broom wagon for examination by the jury after the event. The conformity of the replacement equipment must comply with federal regulations and will also be checked at the end of the event. In this case, the bike will be left in the same condition as it was when the participant arrived, to be examined by the Race Jury. Mobile assistance (van) will be present to enable triathletes to be helped out during the race: teams will be able to entrust wheels or bikes before the start. The organisation will also take 4 bikes of different sizes to lend in case of breakage or puncture. There will be fixed assistance points.

➢ 8-2: Check-in and vehicles on the course. Each team attendant will be able to check in his riders at a fixed point. Team motorbikes or cars are not allowed in the race.

➢ 8-3: Timing and results. The Green Tour is timed by electronic chips. The time is taken into account when the chips pass over the mats installed at the swim exit, at the bike park exit and at the final finish. The overall ranking is based on the total time, including changeover times. Each discipline will be timed except for the change times, which are included in the bike time. Triathletes must wear an electronic chip throughout the race. The results of each stage, as well as the final rankings, are validated by the race director and the main referee. At the end of each stage, they will sign the results sheet for final approval.


➢ 9-1: If a captain wishes to make a claim, he/she must send it to the main referee in writing within one hour of the official publication of the day's results.

➢ 9-2: Any dispute concerning these rules, or any other matter, shall be submitted to the Race Jury for assessment and decision. This decision may be referred to the Appeals Committee by the captain of the triathlete concerned by the dispute. The appeal must be made in writing to the Appeals Committee within half an hour of the announcement of the Race Jury's decision.

➢ 9-3: race jury :

9-3-1: The role of the race jury is to ensure that the various events run smoothly. It ensures compliance with the rules set out, as well as the quality of the Green Tour's sporting spirit. It is made up of the main referee, the race director and a triathlete chosen at random by the race directors each day before the start of the events.
9-3-2 : When a protest is registered after the official publication of the stage results, the race jury confirms or invalidates the results as well as any sanctions and/or fines.
➢ 9-4: appeals committee :

9-4-1: The Appeals Committee is the only body authorised to rule on appeals against the decisions of the Race Jury and is made up of: the members of the Race Jury, the General Manager of the Green Tour, and a skipper drawn at random from among the skippers who have not lodged a protest. The Appeals Committee reserves the right to hear any person it sees fit.
9-4-2: the captain of the team of the athlete concerned by the dispute may defend this athlete before the Appeals Committee.
➢ 9-5: sanctions :

9-5-1: Individual penalties: competitors are full moral representatives of the event. Those who fail to comply with these rules or who behave in a defamatory or disrespectful manner towards anyone during the Green Tour will be liable to financial penalties to be determined by the race jury (a fine of between €100 and €300). Failure to attend one of the official ceremonies (opening and closing) will incur a fine of €200 (to be paid within two weeks of the end of the events).
9-5-2: Team penalties: competing teams that fail to comply with these rules or behave in a defamatory or disrespectful manner towards anyone during the Green Tour will be liable to financial penalties (from €100 to €600), which will be determined by the race jury. Penalties will be imposed on the team as a whole.
➢ 9-6: Doping control: Each stage of the Green Tour may be subject to a doping control. Designated triathletes must submit to the legal procedures put in place under the authority of the sampling doctor and under the control of the federal delegate. In the event of a doping control on one or more stages of the Green Tour, winnings or bonuses will be recorded and paid out only after receipt of the control laboratory's report.

➢ 9-7: medical regulations: all triathletes are obliged to undergo any anti-doping tests. Any refusal to undergo this procedure will result in immediate and irreversible elimination.


Participants in the Green Tour events undertake to adopt an eco-responsible attitude in all circumstances. In this respect, throwing away waste or abandoning objects is strictly forbidden throughout the events. Competitors are also encouraged to limit and pool their travel.

Acceptance of these regulations implies acceptance of the sustainable development charter drawn up by the organisers.

An athlete's participation in the 2024 edition of the Green Tour implies full acceptance of these regulations.

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